Howard Richards
Professor, Earlham College, Peace and Global Justice Studies

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Twelve Things We
Can Do Every Day for World Peace and Justice

1. Use less fossil fuel.
2. Reduce, reuse, and recycle.
3. Support one or more people who cannot (or cannot fully) support themselves.
4. Think of work not as a job but as opportunities for service.
5. Process inner anger by following a spiritual path or getting some form of therapy.
6. Learn and practice conflict resolution techniques.
7. Cultivate an organic garden.
8. Treat property and possessions as held in trust for the benefit of others.
9.  Find the good points, not the bad points, in other people's religions, and in their non-religious ethical philosophies.
10. Participate in extended families, family-like communities (e.g. a church), and in multi-generational recreational activities.
11. Buy union-made and environment-friendly goods from cooperative, farmers market,  nonprofit, public sector, socially responsible, and locally owned enterprises.


Meditate and study about world peace and justice, and then add to, or subtract from, this list.